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Product Design

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At Innovative Solutions Plus, design engineers of all disciplines play a critical role through the design life cycle which will profoundly influence a solution’s durability, usability and features. More importantly, our clients demand ingenious but straightforward design solutions that cut costs as well as increase reliability and productivity. As such, the engineering activities range from a conceptual design during the quotation phase or feasibility study, to the performance of FEA studies and detailed engineering work on production drawings throughout the operational, testing and commissioning phases.

Conceptual Design

Basically, conceptual design is the very first stage of the product design process, where drawings and other illustrations or models are used. It serves to provide a description of the proposed product, in terms of a set of integrated ideas and concepts about what it should do, behave and look like in a way that is understandable for the client.

It is the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies and is the point at which people, knowledge, products, services, processes and profitability meet vision and endless possibilities are only limited by the designer’s imagination. It’s grounded in more abstract thinking until a detailed design is ready to be created.

Innovative Solutions Plus has over thirty years of experience conceptualising client’s ideas and turning them into reality or a product. The types of products vary from simple mechanical components to complex robotic subsea invention systems.

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Design Engineering

Design Engineering is the phase where the design is detailed, refined, whilst the planning, specifications and estimates are created. 

The detailed design can include outputs such as 2D and 3D models, simulation, build list, procurement plans, manufacturing plans, testing procedures and operation & maintenance manuals etc.

The design process may include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Structural Design
  • Hydraulic Design
  • Electronic / Robotic Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Software Development

This phase is also where the full cost of the project is identified by using the build lists and procurement plans to develop estimation or budgets. Detailed design is such a fundamental necessity to manufacturers that it exists at the intersection of the product development processes.

Shortening the product development lifecycles and increased product complexity, companies are feeling immense pressure to improve their detailed design process and capabilities.

Innovative Solutions Plus are able to offer a professional and specialised service, built up from our many years of experience. ISP can handle the complete design package as well as being able to review client designs, act as client representatives and conduct independent third-party design reviews.

Innovative Solutions Plus provides services to the mining, manufacturing, offshore oil & gas, transport and marine industries in both greenfield and brownfield applications.

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